3C Pasque Y1752 B ASA 2633021

  MR NLC Superior S6018
TNT Tanker U263
  TNT Miss S17
3C Stevie S6509 B
  3C Crocus M693 R
+8.4 +1.1 +75.8 +108.7 +24.8   +35.3 -0.07 +1.13

• This Purebred Simmental bull was selected in partnership with Neiman 77 Ranch from the 2012 Christensen 3C and NLC Ranch bull sale.  The primary basis of our selection was his dam, who after driving through several hundred cows at 3C we determined to be the best combination of moderation, structural correctness, volume and femininity.  In addition to that she is highly productive with 4 calves recorded at 104 nursing ratio and 2 bull calves at 110 ratio for yearling weight, all while staying 4% below herd average on her birth weights.

• This bull ranked 2nd out of 99 contemporaries at weaning and 11th out of 65 at yearling.  He also ranks in the top 2% of the breed for rib eye area.  He is a maternal brother to the Right Track bull that in turn sired the $50,000 Genex sire W/C Wide Track 694Y at the 2012 Werning bull sale.

• His sire TNT Tanker has gained much appreciation for his ability to consistently sire high performance in a moderate framed, high volume and lengthy package.  The maternal grandsire ESMJ54 although used for a limited time has left a large number of productive daughters in the 3C herd.