C F C Urlacher V53 AAA +*18326937

  N Bar Emulation EXT
N Bar Emulation Ext A1747
  N Bar Clova Pride U3031
  H A Power Alliance 1025
C F C Dixie Erica 8A2
  C M Dixie Erica 796C
+1 +0.8 +47 +77 +25 +0.26 +28 +0.40 +0.30

• Pictured after heavy use as a 2 year old, Urlacher was the high seller from Chrisman Family Cattle in the 2016 Stockmen’s Source sale; he descends from the great 796C cow that began our partnership with the Chrisman family and we are glad for the chance to continue that partnership with this bull.
• Urlacher was the standout individual from a strong flush of 1747 sons and we chose to use him to intensify both the 1747 and Power Alliance genetics in our cowherd.
• After weaning his first calf crop we are convinced his growth numbers will improve significantly with more use, the calves are long spined and weigh up heavy.
• We expect him to complement the Full Bore daughters very well.
• His dam is an outstanding cow and his been a valuable donor when mated to several different sires. 
• Look for his sons in the future, they will be the kind to build a cowherd around.